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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? More than likely, someone else did too. Check it out below:

You can use Gymble to book a local athletic facility for your personal use. Search, find, and pay for your next Gymble experience.

Yes, but it's easy and will open the door to many more bookings after your first!

We will be there, very soon. Allow us to perfect our product in Charlotte first and we will be there as soon as possible.

Right on the Gymble app.

If you cancel 12 hours before your reservation, there is no sweat!

If you request a refund after your reservation is done we will need to know why. We implemented a hear both sides of the story policy and see if the reason for the refund request is valid. Valid reasons include:

Reasons for Refund after the session

  • Space not available that was booked. 
  • Poor Professionalism/Terrible Session. 
  • No access to the listing/ if the trainer is not available, for instance, if the Host provided the wrong lockbox code and now they can’t be reached 
  • Space isn’t safe or clean upon arrival, such as dirty linens, or safety hazards 
  • Key amenities are missing or not working, for example, (Shooting machine broken, etc,) 
  • The place isn’t as it was described in the listing description.

Absolutely. You can book a time and place and host your training sessions at the athletic facilities you love.

As soon as the business cancels a booking the automatic refund will be put into motion. FYI a business cannot cancel at the time of the booking it must be before. 

All cancellations will allow for the user to have full access to their platforms until the end of the billing period. Ex: If a business subscribes to Gymble Pro on the 15th of the month and decides on the 28th to cancel their subscription, they will have full access to Gymble Pro perks for the remaining days in the billing cycle. (Until the next 15th.)

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